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Thursday, 2 July 2015

What comes to the mind

The past few days I have been a little off-key and restless. Yesterday I couldn’t even meditate, and my mind was wildly wondering.

Last night I thought, I will meditate no matter what, even if just for a few minutes as I need to get back that happy, content, and settled state of being that I have been experiencing since I started my Psychic journey.

Somehow, however, I could not … my mind was in turmoil.

I felt a strong need to write something, but not on the computer. I found myself picking up a notebook and a pen.

I started thinking, ok, what shall I write about? Suddenly, even though I had nothing to say, my mind started to spurt out words and my hand started writing. I was not quite sure what words would come next; my hand was just writing what was being dictated to my mind.

I believe I had an experience of inspired writing, and below is what my hand wrote.

What does it mean to be a spirit if not going for a journey? A journey of self-discovery, of self-development, of self-improvement.

An inner and outer appreciation of the Father God.

Inner because God is within us, and appreciating ourselves is to appreciate the gift that God has made to us of life. How can we be bad if God made us?

That does not mean that we are always good. If we lose sight of God within us, if we lose touch with God within us, if we do not feel it, or do not appreciate it, we can lose out selves and our actions may be bad.

But this does not mean we are bad. We are never inherently bad. We just can “do” bad things that go against our own very nature of being good.

But that is a huge subject for another time.

I said before that being spirit is also an outer appreciation of the Father God.

And this comes from the realisation that as God is within us, it is also within all of its creation.

A bird, a fly, a dog, a hyena, a lion, a cheery tree, a sunset, an erupting volcano, they are all expressions of God.

And it is important to realize, appreciate, and enjoy all that God created.

And indeed the spirit within us does. The spirit within us feels the presence of the Father God in everything it sees.

Not the bridges, not the houses, or the skyscrapers. Al least not in all of them.

Some of these human constructions were inspired, and indeed these too contain some essence of the Father.

But more were just constructed. By greed. By ambition. By a want to be remembered, to be idolized. They were constructed by pride.

And indeed these latter ones do not, in any shape, or form, or grandiosity, contain the essence of God.

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