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Saturday, 2 May 2015

What is inspirational writing?

Today I added 2 new categories to the blog Psychic Events, and Inspirational Writings, and I would like to explain why. As the 2 are inter-related, I will explain both in one single post

Has it ever happened to you that thoughts just flooded your mind, and you started writing them, and continued writing them until they end?

I guess this is what artists refer to as their "muse", or inspiration.

Many works of art are actually derived like this, they are inspired to talented individuals who then express this inspiration in their art, whether it is poetry, fiction, painting, sculpting, or whatever form of art they use.

People like me, who are not very artistically inclined, get inspired too. Their expression of this inspiration will however take a different form; it could be philosophical, mathematical, engineering, or whatever their mind is capable of expressing.

But where does this inspiration come from? For example, sometime I write something, and I feel like I am simply a typist, with some proofing skills, and while I am writing words, I cannot take the credit for what I write. A good example of this are the articles I wrote on Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance

It has been quite a few years since I have been inspired in this way, mainly due to my life commitment and lack of time (and interest) in writing.

Lately, however, I have restarted to take an interest in my spirituality, and everything that comes with it, as my life commitment had taken me to a path that was denying me the degree of happiness that I used to enjoy when I was more spiritually inclined.

And while years ago I wasn't interested in where the words that I was writing came from, I am now older, and hopefully a little wiser, and I have started to wonder. Where does inspiration come from?

Moon by day
I have read around many of the most influential "alternative" suggestions, but the one that struck a chord most is the explanation of a medium and psychic that I am coming to learn and appreciate more daily. This is how she explains it to her student psychics and mediums (yes, psychics and mediums have schools too, to learn how to harness their gifts, and to avoid falling foul of scams!):

"One of the ways that you can work with spirit is through Inspirational Writing. This is done through a mind-to-mind link between the person doing the writing, and a person in spirit, and what happens is that the communicating spirit will blend their thoughts with the thoughts of the medium that is working. So what the medium is experiencing is usually that thoughts seem to pour in to their mind and those words are then written down.

Usually, those in spirit who work this way take this opportunity to share words of philosophy and uplifting inspiration. On occasions actual facts can be given which can be checked out later on. However, in my experience and to my understanding, that is rarer. I gather the reason is that those in spirit may use other forms of mediumship to give facts and details like that [Ed. Such as trance mediumship].

It is spirit guides and teachers that share these teachings with us and there are many developing mediums who find themselves inspired to work in this way in the beginning of their development too.

Personally, I think this is a result of how so many of us upon first starting to think about the possibility of the world of spirit actually being a reality find our thoughts fill up with questions; we wonder and marvel, we question, and so on.

And there are many in spirit who are only too happy to assist a mind in that frame of thinking by giving it more food for thought" 
[Ed. If anyone is interested in learning more about psychic school, the best I found is http://family.psychics.co.uk/, and I highly recommend it]

As I find this to be the most reasonable explanation that I can relate to, I have decided to set up the new categories to the blog: Psychic Events, and Inspirational Writings.

The first will simply be a chronicle of my psychic experiences, some that I witness, and some that are completely mine. The second one is really just so that anyone reading will know that I cannot, and do not, take any credit for whatever is written in this section.

I hope you will continue to enjoy my blog, and please don't hesitate to leave comments below each post

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