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Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Empath's only line of defence

Peace without is peace within

I have been reading many articles about empathy lately, and I must confess I am quite disappointed by their content. These have clearly not been written by true empaths. A list of relevant articles is included at the end of this post

While I find that all of these articles have, to a greater or lesser degree, a certain amount of truth within them, they all fail to see the world from an empath's perspective.

Firstly, there is a difference between an empath, and a person with empathy. And, although in my mind an empath is clearly also a psychic, there is a difference between the typical psychic, and an empath.

Let us start by looking at the definition of empathy on the Oxford Dictionary:

The ability to understand and share the feelings of another

I would like to emphasize the point that empathy is different from sympathy. Borrowing from the notes given in the Oxford Dictionary:

People often confuse the words empathy and sympathy. Empathy means ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another’ (as in both authors have the skill to make you feel empathy with their heroines), whereas sympathy means ‘feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune’ (as in they had great sympathy for the flood victims).

In this article, we are clearly discussing empathy, and not sympathy. Without any further delay, I will return to the definition of empathy given above, which, personally, I find it to be a very good explanation.

The Empathic and the Psychic

When someone talks to someone else and discusses their feelings in some details, the empathic listener will be able, to a certain degree, to share an understanding of the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of such emotions.

Quite often, a shared experience will enable the listener to empathize better with the speaker, and to gain a more profound understanding of the sentiments being discussed. When such shared experience does not exist, an empathic person will still be able to connect pieces of emotions form their own past to understand the feelings of the speaker.

If we look at a psychic, this person will be able to detect, and describe the sensitivities of their subject, even if they do not feel or share them, and even if they have no previous experience of the sentiments being shared.

Both, the psychic reader and the empathic person, will be able to “switch” on or off this understanding at will. When they find that they are affected by the intensity, negativity, or power of such souls, they can simply detach, and be devoid of any consequences.

The real Empath

The situation is very different for a true empath.

True empaths will absorb any emotion around them, whether known or unknown, and make it their own. Just as a sponge absorbs any liquid it comes into contact with, whether that is clean, contaminated, poisonous, or lethal, so will the empath.

An empath will soak up whatever feeling is present in an environment, whether this comes from a person, an animal, a plant, a room … Even a cartoon can have devastating effects on a true empath.

Furthermore, there is no respite for empaths. They will make that emotion their own, they will possess it, and this feeling will become part of them, and they will live it to its greatest depth.

There is no shutting off, or running away. Even distancing themselves from the source of such emotion will provide no recess, no comfort, and no reprieve.

This causes many true empaths to become isolated, insulated, to shy away from anything and anywhere that contains any shred of life. It can often cause depression, and serious mental anguish, with many resorting to medication or turning to some form of addition to escape their natural and God given psychic gift.

The line of defence

Yet, as an empath myself, I have found a line of defence that can work rather well. A strategy that allows one to live life normally and that gives room for happiness and continued self-improvement.

This protection is self-awareness. The understanding of one’s own emotions, of one’s being, of one’s ins and outs, which enables the empath to draw a line between what is being absorbed, and what it is in fact one’s own. It enables the sensitive soul to regain self-determination, and to clean up the scourge soaked up by the emotional sponge within, in many ways.

All this with one added benefit. If we can shake off all the negativity, the sorrow, the pain, and the desperation that we meet, there is also much happiness, joy, and pleasure in the life from which we so often hide away. We have the unique ability of absorbing that too, and make it our own, thereby increasing our own enjoyment of what this Godly hearth has to offer.

It may not be an easy feat, but it is an achievable, realistic, and most satisfying goal to pursue in an otherwise miserable, disconnected, and discontented existence.


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Home is where Spirit is

Light is hope

Today, I would like to share a speech that Sybil, a great psychic and medium, has given a few years ago at my school. Every time I read it it moves me, and it reassures me. I hope it will have the same effect on you

The theme tonight is “Home is where the heart is” and I am afraid I have to change that and make it “home is where the spirit is” which is where hearts are...

We frighten ourselves with talks of death and dying so much, and it is so sad that so many people are afraid of the change that will happen one day when it is time for them to go home, for that is all it is. I know that the dying process can be very painful for many but moving from this life to the next is so very peaceful.

With people, family, and friends waiting to take your hand and literally take you home. It is where you came from, it is where you will return to. No one enters the spirit world alone, no matter how, where, why, or how sudden their death has been.

It is known in spirit when every single one of us will return home. Does it not say in the Bible every hair of our heads are numbered? So it is known the exact time, place when we will leave our bodies and stretch our spiritual limbs in the world of spirit, the world you came from – home.

And I know many of you worry about family and friends on earth who do not know, or wish to know, about spirit. Will they be met, will they understand, will they know what has happened?

May I remind you that when your mums and dads sent you to a school camp, or a holiday, where they are not with you, no matter how long you were away, did you not recognise your home when you returned?

Of course you will, and so will all your friends whom you worry about. They will know they have come home. All their memories of being there before coming to earth will come flooding back. They will know that the people who have met them are not of earth, so they will know exactly what has happened. So don’t worry about them.

But when it is their time to go, send them off with joy and your love, for there is no pain in the spirit world. Any unfinished problems you would have liked to have dealt with can be discussed with evolved souls who will help you.

I don’t think I need to tell you what it is going to be like when you do go home. I think I have more in spirit than I have here, so many people to see, to hug, to kiss, to cry over, with sheer joy. There are people I haven’t seen for years and still miss them so much.

So there will be such a lot of catching up to do. For parents who lost babies and who think they won’t know them, what a wonderful shock for them, for their sons and daughters will be standing before them. And not only will they know them but they will remember bringing them up in spirit. Every time their bodies slept you will remember all the times you held them, and loved them, and you will know their names because you will have given them their names. There will be people to meet that you have been told about but never met.

I have never met any of my grandparents and it is going to be wonderful to meet up with them. And I feel quite shy at the thought of it, and I am thinking I do hope they are happy with the way I have lived my life. And I know I am being silly because they have had to experience earth life and know its trials and tribulations, as well as its high spots. And I know they will have been helping right through my life. And whether I have got it right or wrong, I know they just love me because they are my nanas and grandads and that’s what nanas and grandads do.

I will also want to meet with all my spirit guides and helpers who have worked with me all my life. And I know there will be a lot that I have only met when my body was asleep for so much interaction and communication takes place when we sleep. Thank goodness the spirit doesn’t need sleep.

Then there are all the things I just need to do, and I am sure you have your own list. I haven’t danced in years, or been swimming. I want to be like Maria from the sound of Music and run up a mountain and sing which will make all the spirits want to come back to earth. I want to find out whether all the things I have read about the spirit world are true, that colours have their own sounds, and the flowers sing as you pass them, that as an orchestra plays music there are coloured patterns made in the air. I want to practise my Beam me up Scotty, where I stand and think of where I want to be and, if I get it right, I will be there using the power of thought.

Then there are the Museums, the Halls of Learning, and so many exciting places to revisit. And I say revisit as I have returned home. It is my home, it is your home, and so many of us forget it, and then fight with each other as to whether it’s true or not.

If we would sit, move in the silence, and listen to our spirits, they would tell us all we want to know. We did not make this voyage to earth without the necessary knowledge. But we are so frantically chasing our tails and trying to live within the rat race, instead of stepping back for a while. All the answers we need are there.

You don’t need me to tell you, and that is why some of you resonate with me when I tell you something that you know is true. You may not know why it is true, and there is no way I can substantiate it for you. You just know it’s true.

So don’t let others move you away from your truth. Your truth is so special, just as you are. And your truth is Home is where the Heart is, Home is where Spirit is, Home is where our Eternal lives began and will continue.

And when we meet there what a wonderful rejoicing there will be. Everything you ever hoped, wished for, dreamed, or asked for will be there. Starting with those you love and finishing with those you love.

For Home is where you Love. God bless you all

Saturday, 4 July 2015

The end of the world: Obamacare, Planet X, and Polar Shifts

Earth's magnetic field
Source: NASA
Today someone sent me a message on Facebook, claiming that the Rapture is near, and cited the fact that the Obamacare bill would require all Americans to wear an RFID microchip either on their arm, or forehead, linking it to Revelation 13:15-18, and calling it the “the sign of the Beast”

Personally, I am not excessively worried about the end of the world. If such thing as Judgement Day is to come, I believe I am reasonably prepared to be judged.

However, I am always excited to find a new subject for a blog post, so I did a little research. Nothing major, a simple Google search.

I always love to do generic internet searches as they yield the most amazing results, there is a lot of information out there, and it is fun to sift through what is available and attempt to assess the truth. The most reliable article, however, which has the most links to it, and which links to an online version of the Obamacare act, seem to indicate that the information is simply a lot of nonsense.

Personally, I would not be particularly worried if it were true, as it would simply mean that God does not want Americans in the Kingdom of Heaven. However, I am reasonably confident that He would not be so xenophobic as to single out a single country to be sent to hell. That does not seem very Godly. I am quite certain there are many Americans that, despite the faults of their country, will be worthy of God’s mercy.

However, this incident reminded me of another theory that I have recently started to follow with interest, which purports the relative end of the world as being imminent. This is related to the Pole Shift Hypothesis, and it is much more engaging than Obamacare.

Firstly, apologises for the Wikipedia reference, I am aware that it is not a particularly acceptable academic reference, but it is a good article, with a few relevant and reasonably academically reliable sources. For those more scientifically minded, this NASA article might be more appropriate. Additional links are provided in the References sections at the end of this article, including an interesting post by the BBC, which is supposedly a reliable source.

Secondly, I would like to emphasise that I am neither a sceptic, nor a believer. I have an innate curiosity that longs to be satisfied, and I hope this post will whet the reader’s interest too. This is because the information available on this subject is so vast, and at the same time so inconclusive, that makes the topic simply fascinating.

This interjection is simply because from here onward, references will be much more questionable, and obscure, and verge on boundaries of myths, legends, and conspiracy. Does this fact in itself not make the whole subject even more compelling?

Returning to the subject matter, the argument NASA makes that polar shifts are not going to have a major effect on our planet is somewhat difficult to believe. It is even more incredible after watching this video, which makes the additional following claims:

1. The solar system is a twin star solar system. Note: there seem to be much debate about this subject, and so far this is a theory that has neither been proved nor disproved. However there is an interesting article here, another one here, and more links in the References section at the end of this post

2. There is a hidden planet, generally referred to as Planet X, that orbits around both stars and that every few thousand years come close enough to our planet to cause polar shifts. To note, this is a subject loved by many conspiracy theorists, for example see this article here, or if you want to see evidence on Google Sky, you may check this article. A few more are provided in the References section at the end of this post.

Source: livescience.com
It is interesting to note that this alleged planet X is also considered to be Nibiru, if anyone is familiar with the legends and tales of the Annunaki, they will recognise the name. If you are not, they were supposedly extra-terrestrials being that ruled our world in ancient times, who civilised our planet and who came from the planet Nibiru. Simply follow the links I just provided, or check the reference section at the end of this article. Suffice it to say, that some even claim there is evidence of these extra-terrestrial creatures in the Bible. Some assert that the Pentagon is aware of their existence, and of their imminent return; see this article here.

But I am digressing. What makes the video I shared above somewhat credible, is the producers’ extensive website, and immense amount of information provided by their related sources. These even include advice on how to survive a polar shift, a map of the world after the shift, tracking of Planet X, and much, much more.

Is this true? Will it all happen? As I mentioned above, I am neither a sceptic, not a believer. I cannot deny however that I am very intrigued. Anyone interested on the subject should have sufficient material in this article to progress his or her own research. Feel free to leave any comments.


Obamacare does not require RFIF chip

Pole Shift concept

Our alleged binary solar system:

Planet X

The Annunaki

Pole shift claims

Thursday, 2 July 2015

What comes to the mind

The past few days I have been a little off-key and restless. Yesterday I couldn’t even meditate, and my mind was wildly wondering.

Last night I thought, I will meditate no matter what, even if just for a few minutes as I need to get back that happy, content, and settled state of being that I have been experiencing since I started my Psychic journey.

Somehow, however, I could not … my mind was in turmoil.

I felt a strong need to write something, but not on the computer. I found myself picking up a notebook and a pen.

I started thinking, ok, what shall I write about? Suddenly, even though I had nothing to say, my mind started to spurt out words and my hand started writing. I was not quite sure what words would come next; my hand was just writing what was being dictated to my mind.

I believe I had an experience of inspired writing, and below is what my hand wrote.

What does it mean to be a spirit if not going for a journey? A journey of self-discovery, of self-development, of self-improvement.

An inner and outer appreciation of the Father God.

Inner because God is within us, and appreciating ourselves is to appreciate the gift that God has made to us of life. How can we be bad if God made us?

That does not mean that we are always good. If we lose sight of God within us, if we lose touch with God within us, if we do not feel it, or do not appreciate it, we can lose out selves and our actions may be bad.

But this does not mean we are bad. We are never inherently bad. We just can “do” bad things that go against our own very nature of being good.

But that is a huge subject for another time.

I said before that being spirit is also an outer appreciation of the Father God.

And this comes from the realisation that as God is within us, it is also within all of its creation.

A bird, a fly, a dog, a hyena, a lion, a cheery tree, a sunset, an erupting volcano, they are all expressions of God.

And it is important to realize, appreciate, and enjoy all that God created.

And indeed the spirit within us does. The spirit within us feels the presence of the Father God in everything it sees.

Not the bridges, not the houses, or the skyscrapers. Al least not in all of them.

Some of these human constructions were inspired, and indeed these too contain some essence of the Father.

But more were just constructed. By greed. By ambition. By a want to be remembered, to be idolized. They were constructed by pride.

And indeed these latter ones do not, in any shape, or form, or grandiosity, contain the essence of God.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

The price of kindness

I have noticed a trend on some alleged “spiritual” website that concerns me gravely. While I do find the occasional article that does delivers a certain degree of spiritual insight, I am becoming more and more aware that a great amount of advice is rather personal to the writer, without much of a spiritual basis, and on the contrary, which is antithetical to the whole essence of spirituality, and enlightenment of the soul.

Today I would like to mention those editorials that often detail how being helpful, charitable, and compassionate to other people will inevitably cause the object of our kindness to exploit our benevolence. They often recount stories of ex-partners, friends, and colleagues who do just that, and caused great amount of anger, resentment, and even depression. Consequently, their advice to their reader is to not be “too nice”, to ensure sanity and self-preservation.

Personally, at my level of spiritual development, I abhor this suggestion, and frankly, I believe that whoever gives this recommendation should avoid giving any spiritually based opinion. The simple reason for this loathing is that God, or the Source, or whatever one wishes to call It, is Love. In order to progress spiritually we must learn to Love, and to be Love too. I do not think that any spiritual soul could possibly and reasonably question this postulate.

Therefore, if the premise is that we must be, become, or just give Love, then the advice “not to be too nice” plainly and painfully contradicts our starting proposition.

It must be understood that, if we are a kind person, always willing to help, and constantly available to provide all kind of support to our fellow human beings, some of our beneficiaries will take advantage of this. Some others will only be seen when they need something. Some other still will demand unreasonably our compassion. And many will attempt to abuse our altruism.

This can indeed have a negative effect on us. It will make us wonder, ponder, question whether we are doing the right thing. It may, on many occasions make us feel used, abused, and exploited. It may even cause depression.

Yet, this is no ground for us to withdraw, or withhold, or refuse our love.

Spiritual maturity, awakening, and enlightenment have one clear and simple answer. Be Love. Do not worry about how others chose to act, react, or behave. That is not the concern of the pure and wise soul. The interest of the soul is to be what is supposed to be, which is Love.

The only way to overcome our insecurity, our questioning, or our depression is with the awareness that we are doing the right thing. The strength of knowledge that our soul is fulfilling its raison d'ĂȘtre will overcome any uncertainty, any pain, any struggle that our mind might battle with.

Indeed, the less mature soul may protest more, (although I can guarantee that even a mature soul will, on many occasions, battle with the mind on this issue) and yet that is the challenge within our spiritual journey that we must win.

There must be never be any excuse to regress from a certain level of spiritual awakening into a lesser one. There cannot ever be any reason to withhold love and kindness. There is no room for resentment in the mature soul, and there can never be.

And there is an upside too, which is that amongst the immensity of ungratefulness, there are other loving souls who will be will be willing, able, and even enthusiastic to return the favour of our solicitude in our times of need.